The ACBL Educational Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides grants for ideas that help support the good of bridge.  

The Foundation trustees serve at their own expense allowing nearly 100% of all donations to be distributed to benefit the promotion of bridge.  Your donations to the ACBL Educational Foundation are tax deductible. 

You can donate here, by clicking the button above!

You can also easily donate $2/year when you renew your ACBL membership or mail in a donation. If mailing a donation, please include the following information:

  1. The name of the donor and the amount of the donation;

  2. If the gift is a memorial, the name of the person being honored or memorialized;

  3. If a notification to a third party is requested, the name and address of the person to be notified.  

Send your check to:
ACBL Educational Foundation
Attn: Donations
6575 Windchase Blvd
Horn Lake, MS 38637-1523

The ACBL Educational Foundation’s tax id# is 58-1733600

Fundraising Events

Bridge players and their friends have found innovative ways to help support bridge. If you would like to do the same let us know. We can help you create a large variety of different events that can raise money to support bridge.

Volunteer Your Expertise

Contract us to find out about ways that you can get involved in helping support the foundation and bridge. The Foundation has many committees and activities where it could use suppose. I suspect we could use your help! We are also in the process of building a network of partner organizations that have common goals to work together with in our quest to grow and support bridge.