ABTA Collaborations

Uploaded Image: /vs-uploads/logos/abta.pngIn collaboration with the American Bridge Teachers Association, the Foundation provides ongoing support to provide a free, one-year membership in the ABTA to participants in the Best Practices Teacher Workshop or those become accredited through Learn Bridge in a Day (LBIAD).

The American Contract Bridge League Educational Foundation provides support to help teachers and market bridge through them. Under this grant, the following programs are in place:

  • A start-up kit for new teachers (in collaboration with ACBLEF and Baron Barclay) which is given to participants in Best Practices Teachers Workshop (BPTW) and Learn Bridge in a Day (LBIAD).
  • Reimbursement to previously accredited TAP teachers who attend BPTW and pay more than $50.
  • Assistance to units/districts wanting to hold a BPTW
  • Support of the film "Aces & Knaves" during the ABTA convention and a "proof of concept" trial in Houston with this film as a backdrop to a marketing campaign to bring in non-bridge players.

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