Bridge Grant Recipients

The ACBL Educational Foundation has awarded 192 grants totaling $642,282 from 2012 through 2019.

2020 ACBL Educational Foundation Grant Recipients:

First Quarter 2020

  • Orange Education Foundation (Orange, NJ):
    $5,000 to provide teacher stipends and teaching supplies for use in a newly formed Saturday Bridge Academy. The Academy will provide continued bridge instruction for secondary students, knowing they have little afterschool time during the week.
  • La Liga de Bridge (Oaxaca, Mexico):
    $4,000 to expand their existing bridge program for young people to include the use of young, local newly certified student teachers from their community. Support for providing instruction to four young student teachers was provided by an earlier ACBLEF grant. 
  • Mo-Kan Academy (Lake Winnebago, MO):
    $900 to provide the stipends and supplies needed to conduct Sunday afternoon bridge instruction for young people.
  • Forklift Studios, LLC (Brooklyn, NY):
    $38,000 to provide funding for software engineering contractors and designers and graphic/animation contractors for the anticipated late-summer launch of a free-to-play app, Tricky Bridge. This app will engage beginners to play bridge with all the excitement gamers are used to seeing in other successful online games and can be played on their iPhone or iPad.

2019 ACBL Educational Foundation Grant Recipients:

First Quarter 2019

  • Central Florida Youth Bridge:
    $5,000 for a school bridge program
  • ABTA Teacher Workshop:
    $4,300 for filming speaker and workshops at ABTA Convention for ABTA website
  • Unit 144 Summer Camp:
    $1,300 for a day bridge camp for families
  • Keep Bridge Alive:
    $15,000 for a research project in Scotland studying bridge and well-being

Second Quarter 2019

  • Bridge and Dementia Prevention Research:
    $5,000 for a research project in Poland studying the connection between learning and playing bridge and the prevention of dementia
  • Mo-Kan Summer Youth Camp:
    $297 for a summer day bridge camp
  • Summer Camp (Oaxaca, Mexico):
    $1,500 for a summer day camp for students and bridge teacher interns
  • CT Bridge 199 Sectional:
    $1,850 for the tournament for I/N providing speakers and handouts
  • American Bridge Teachers Association Convention:
    $4,300 for A/V support for ABTA convention

Third Quarter 2019

Fourth Quarter 2019

  • ACBL Houston Unit 174:
    $500 for "movie night" featuring the production "Aces and Knaves"
  • Youth Bridge Education Organization (Carlinville, IL):
    $12,000  for Youth Bridge Camp to provide multi-level instruction to young people ages 11-15 for one week in overnight camp
  • Michigan Youth Bridge, Inc.:
    $13,500 to involve youth ages 10-16, from beginner to advanced bridge players, in a week-long overnight camp
  • St. Louis Bridge Center:
    $2,500 for a mentor/mentee program
  • Bridge Center of Buffalo:
    $3,600 for Youth Bridge Educational Program
  • Birmingham Duplicate Bridge Club:
    $4,000 for teaching Learn Bridge In A Day?

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