Bridge Grant Recipients

2023 ACBL Educational Foundation Grant Recipients (to date):

  • Mo-Kan Bridge Academy:
    $430 for Spring Youth Bridge Lessons (April 22 - May 21) that will provide a stipend for a teacher and textbooks/handouts for kids during 45-minute lessons followed by supervised play on Sunday afternoons.
  • Bridge for Youth:
    $4000 to partially fund summer camp teacher honorariums with 20-40 kids expected to attend a hybrid online and/or in-person youth summer camp in the greater Seattle area.  
  • Othar Raven Pictures & TV:
    $5000 for research and development of the production “Bridge: The Ultimate Mind Game Docuseries.” The documentary will include interviews with some of the world’s greatest Bridge players and teachers from the US and other countries.
  • ACBL Unit 431:
    $3500 to subsidize player entry fees for an already successful pilot project to bring bridge players into duplicate bridge. Called “Bridge Lite,” the program encourages people already playing bridge to make the transition to Duplicate Bridge.
  • Mo-Kan Bridge Academy:
    $600 to cover the cost of textbooks and/or handouts plus teacher stipends or the Summer Youth Program of 8 sessions between June and mid-August.
  • USA2 Rona 2023 (U26 Junior Women’s Team):
    $10,600 to support six young women, representing the US at the Junior World Championships in Veldhoven, Netherlands, as a second US women’s team by covering their airfare, room/board and uniforms. Also, long term, to build a pipeline model for recruiting, developing and retaining young women in bridge of all levels.

2022 ACBL Educational Foundation Grant Recipients:

  • MoKan Bridge Academy:
    $930 for textbooks and teacher stipend during the Spring Youth Bridge Lessons: seven 45-minute lessons followed by a duplicate pupil game on Sunday afternoons during April and May.
  • American Bridge Teachers Association:
    $9,700 for AV equipment, internet access, printing and a teacher workshop during the ABTA Annual Convention in Providence, Rhode Island.
  • American Bridge Teachers Association:
    $7,500 for underwriting the cost of a one-year teacher membership for those completing the face-to-face and online “Best Practices” certification.
  • Sorry, Partner:
    $1,500 for editing and communication software, audio recording and audience management tools to support the SORRY, PARTNER weekly podcast.
  • Youth Bridge Club at the Cavendish:
    $1,300 to cover the Director’s Fee for 10 games during May and June, plus medals, prizes and Director stipend for the tournament.
  • MoKan Bridge Academy:
    $670 to purchase textbooks and handouts for the nine sessions of the Summer Youth Program during June, July and August. 
  • Unit 169, Central Carolina Bridge Association:
    $3,750 for the “One Day-Two Cities” Learn Bridge in a Day?® beginning bridge course which covers venue rental, teaching fees and materials
  • United States Bridge Federation:
    $19,000 to assist in covering the travel of expenses of Youth Bridge players attending the 7th Youth World Championships in Salsomaggiore, Italy, in August.
  • Buffalo Bridge Center, Inc.:
    $2,450 for facility usage, mentor support, teacher stipend and educational materials to continue the Youth Bridge Education Program started in 2016.
  • Jump Start Youth Bridge:
    $5,500 for booth rental and Bridge educational materials needed to participate in the International Society for Technology in Education summit in Philadelphia, PA, 2023.
  • Lake Charles Duplicate Bridge Club:
    $550 for Learn Bridge in a Day?®  booklets, director’s fee, space rental, mini-sessions, and flyer printing in September.
  • Bo Han Zhu:
    $1,000 additional funding to assist in covering expenses at the Youth World Bridge Championships in Salsomaggiore, Italy, in August.
  • Ethan Wood:
    $1,000 additional funding to assist in covering expenses at the Youth World Bridge Championships in Salsomaggiore, Italy, in August.
  • Kevin Jiang:
    $1,000 additional funding to assist in covering expenses at the Youth World Bridge Championships in Salsomaggiore, Italy, in August.
  • Youth Bridge Education Organization (Carlinville):
    $14,300 to subsidize room/board costs for 40 bridge camper families and 17 staff, background checks and partial staff stipends for the Carlinville Youth Bridge Camp in 2023.
  • Tech Matters Consulting (Dr. Denise Harlem):
    $5,000 to establish a Bridge Discovery Program for young bridge players consisting of teachers, community and parents in collaboration with the Orange, NJ, Board of Education and provide graduates with ACBL Youth Memberships.

2021 ACBL Educational Foundation Grant Recipients:

  • BridgeWhiz: Teaching Bridge Online to Young People Across North America
    $100,000 to the Program Committee of ACBLEF to create a national online youth-teaching initiative, "BridgeWhiz," starting with 1000 schools across North America
  • Bridge: A Mind Sport for All: (Stirling, Scotland):
    $4,500 for a part-time impact officer and part-time researcher to develop educational resources to promote bridge for BAMSA’s international summer conference, “Bridging Academia, Policy and Practice.”
  • Youth Bridge at Cavendish:
    $3,500 for space rental and directors' stipends to teach 12- to 18-year-old students how to play bridge.
  • “Bridge For Youth” Digital Summer Camp:
    $4,000 for teacher honoraria during a two-week online summer camp for a multi-organizational bridge camp collaboration of students from the states of Washington, California and Michigan.
  • “Did You Say Bridge?” Summer Bridge Camp: (Lebanon, KY):
    $6,790 for Patty Tucker to teach classroom teachers at St. Augustine Grade School and honoraria for their subsequent teaching of 300-400 students, family members and community members of Lebanon and Springfield, KY. 
  • Mo-Kan Summer Youth Program (Lake Winnebago, MO):
    $620 for teachers, textbooks & handouts for eight 45-minute sessions, June to mid-August for youth aged 8 to 18.

2020 ACBL Educational Foundation Grant Recipients:

  • Orange Education Foundation (Orange, NJ):
    $5,000 to provide teacher stipends and teaching supplies for use in a newly formed Saturday Bridge Academy. The Academy will provide continued bridge instruction for secondary students, knowing they have little afterschool time during the week.
  • La Liga de Bridge (Oaxaca, Mexico):
    $4,000 to expand their existing bridge program for young people to include the use of young, local newly certified student teachers from their community. Support for providing instruction to four young student teachers was provided by an earlier ACBLEF grant. 
  • Mo-Kan Academy (Lake Winnebago, MO):
    $900 to provide the stipends and supplies needed to conduct Sunday afternoon bridge instruction for young people.
  • Forklift Studios, LLC (Brooklyn, NY):
    $38,000 to provide funding for software engineering contractors and designers and graphic/animation contractors for the anticipated late-summer launch of a free-to-play app, Tricky Bridge. This app will engage beginners to play bridge with all the excitement gamers are used to seeing in other successful online games and can be played on their iPhone or iPad.

2019 ACBL Educational Foundation Grant Recipients:

  • ACBL Houston Unit 174:
    $500 for "movie night" featuring the production "Aces and Knaves"
  • Youth Bridge Education Organization (Carlinville, IL):
    $12,000  for Youth Bridge Camp to provide multi-level instruction to young people ages 11-15 for one week in overnight camp
  • Michigan Youth Bridge, Inc.:
    $13,500 to involve youth ages 10-16, from beginner to advanced bridge players, in a week-long overnight camp
  • St. Louis Bridge Center:
    $2,500 for a mentor/mentee program
  • Bridge Center of Buffalo:
    $3,600 for Youth Bridge Educational Program
  • Birmingham Duplicate Bridge Club:
    $4,000 for teaching Learn Bridge In A Day?
  • Bridge with Patty, LLC, in conjunction with US Army Colonel Lon Sunshine:
    $25,000 to design and implement a program to teach bridge and promote play at three army bases
  • Cavendish Bridge Club:
    $2,635 for weekly bridge lessons to students in the greater New York area
  • Bridge and Dementia Prevention Research:
    $5,000 for a research project in Poland studying the connection between learning and playing bridge and the prevention of dementia
  • Mo-Kan Summer Youth Camp:
    $297 for a summer day bridge camp
  • Summer Camp (Oaxaca, Mexico):
    $1,500 for a summer day camp for students and bridge teacher interns
  • CT Bridge 199 Sectional:
    $1,850 for the tournament for I/N providing speakers and handouts
  • American Bridge Teachers Association Convention:
    $4,300 for A/V support for ABTA convention
  • Central Florida Youth Bridge:
    $5,000 for a school bridge program
  • ABTA Teacher Workshop:
    $4,300 for filming speaker and workshops at ABTA Convention for ABTA website
  • Unit 144 Summer Camp:
    $1,300 for a day bridge camp for families
  • Keep Bridge Alive:
    $15,000 for a research project in Scotland studying bridge and well-being

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