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Meet the Real Wizards of BridgeWhiz

The ACBL Educational Foundation’s “BridgeWhiz” is currently in its second year, and started its fifth beginning bridge digital class on March 6, 2023.

Our Trustees and staff would like to thank these BridgeWhiz teachers for taking on the toughest digital audience there is: 11- to 17-year-old kids! 

If you run into any one of our Wizards, please thank them for helping us bring the next generation of Bridge players to the table.

Thank you all for being a part of this ongoing and unforgettable adventure! Our Master Wizards (Coach Al Bender, Program Director, and Coach Keith Hafen, Assistant Program Director) are in debt to you all. 

United States Coaches:

Faye Barkan
Shelley Burns *
Bill Cai *
Beth Carlson *
Art Carlson
Max Chauvet
Denise Donovan *
John Ebden *
Richard Finberg
Tom Frank
Blondelle Grant *
Linda Green *
Siraj Haji
Michael Holmes *
David Hoyle
Michael Hughes
Karen Jennings
Andrew Jin
Douglas Jordan *
Diana Lack *
Jane Lamont *
Greg LeBlanc
Dawn Lee *
Shelly Peretz *
Dian Petrov *
Barbara Rosenthal *
Charles Rauch
Sharon Smith *
Pat Stadelmaier *
Cathy Taylor

United Kingdom Coaches

India Leeming
Mark Madeley
Michael Rushworth *
Douglas Wright *

“Improver” Class Coaches

Bernie Simkin *
Beth Carlson *
Margimoto Redden *
Bruce Pynnonen *

AND … if your (grand)child has the skills to play bridge with other kids online, register now for the WhizKids Bridge Club.

The WhizKids Bridge Club is a safe, online, bridge-playing site for youth bridge players in grades 4-12. The site is open Sundays from 1 to 3 PM PST. Kids can play random hands with four students per table, just for fun. You can join any time during the session and leave at any time. 

*Second-year associates.

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