The ACBL Educational Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides grants for programs and projects that recruit new bridge players and build community. Nearly 100% of all donations are distributed to benefit the promotion of bridge.


Looking for some assistance in starting a bridge group for your summer camp, youth group, or senior community? We also support research projects and tournaments.


Stay sharp, meet new people, and hone your skills. These programs can help you discover, learn, and love bridge, while building communication and teambuilding.


Welcome to the ACBL Educational Foundation

The American Contract Bridge League Educational Foundation is a nonprofit organization established in 1987 for the purpose of getting more people of all ages and walks of life to play and enjoy bridge. The Foundation primarily does this by awarding grants for bridge educational programs and it is supported by contributions from individuals, families, and corporations.

See our most recent Annual Report here which includes grant recipients, our donors, and the ACBLEF Honor Roll.

The ACBL Educational Foundation is embarking on a dramatic increase in the scope and scale of its efforts to substantially develop new strategies and raise more money to significantly increase the number of people, in all age groups, who play and enjoy bridge.